About Us


Angela Kirkpatrick R.D.
As a registered dietitian (RD) I have always had a strong connection with food and the Mediterranean diet, eating from the earth and eating in moderation. I have worked extensively for European food importers and natural food brokerage companies traveling the country, along with assisting Oldways Preservation Exchange and Trust-a think tank for promoting traditional foods from around the world. With a B.S. in Food Science, I have a direct connection to what food from the earth is and what the benefits are to our bodies. I believe in “clean” unadulterated food products, nothing processed, hydrogenated or man made.

Jeremy Kirkpatrick
I have always had a passion for culture and food; with an undergraduate in Anthropology and an MBA in International Business and Entrepreneurship, I have traveled throughout Europe and other areas of the world visiting brewery’s, wine producers, and anything related to food. Spending time working in several breweries after my undergraduate-Shipyard Brewing in Portland, ME and Casco Bay Brewing led me to develop a passion for quality craft beer! Eventually working at the esteemed Formaggio Kitchen while in graduate school fueled the ambition to open our store.


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