Craft Beers


Having worked at a couple of breweries out of college (Casco Bay Brewing and Shipyard Brewing) I (Jeremy) have a strong passion for quality beer. Both Angela and I visit breweries around the world throughout our travels as there is nothing better than a fresh draft beer from the area. We have vistited breweries In England, throughout France, around the United States, Switzerland, Germany, Spain and within Quebec.

At the store we are excited to offer you some of the rarest beers along with a broad selection of the different style categories. We may not carry beer that you will see everywhere but we ensure you that we taste everything and represent many small producers that hand craft their product.

We are constantly adding and evolving our selection. Some of our favorites: Het Anker Brouwerij, Tomas Watkin OSB, Kasteel beers from Brouwerij Van Honsebrouck, Port Brewing Co., Brasserie La Choulette, Smuttynose Brewing Co., McNeill’s Brewing, Bar Harbor Brewing Co., Mahr’s Bräu, Les Brasseurs de Gayant, La Trappe and several others.

Cider, cidre, sidra!

French cidre is traditionally produced in Normandy and Brittany, France. These ciders are unpasteurized and unfiltered, earthy, fruity and full bodied. Sidra from Asturias or the Basque country in Spain is a very old tradition as it is the beverage of choice to pair with the local cuisine. These sidras range from bone dry to earthy and slightly fruity. Traditionally poured from arms length into a wide mouthed glass and consumed quickly. This process aerates the sidra and froths the head adding to aroma which in turn adds to flavor in the mouth.

In New England, cider has a long history from the original settlers. We currently work with locally made Farnum Hill and other producers from the Midwest. Cider from the United States ranges from filtered and dry to full bodied, rich and fruity. Cider from any of the regions of the world is an excellent food paring with poultry and especially blue veined cheeses.

And lets not forget Mead!

A traditional drink that is honey based thought to be invented by the Vikings. We carry Danish, rare Bavarian, South African and domestic Mead as standards.


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