Grand Trunk Taster

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This tray involves a selection of our favorite cheeses, meats, pâtés, olives, and marinated tomatoes.
One size serves 15 people

Smoked Seafood Platter

Savor the smoked taste of Maine’s fresh trout, salmon, bluefish or mackerel, and mussels. Garnished with capers, onions and crème fraiche.
Serves 15 People


Rustic Cheese Plate

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Selection of Grand Trunk’s favorite cheeses available. Including a variety of textures and tastes.
Small serves 10 people. Large serves 15-20 people

Terrine/charcuterie Sampler

A selection of Pâté’s and mousse along with several aged and cured meats. Accompanied by cornichon, mustard and petite toasts.
Serves 15 people

Assorted sandwich platter

Nitrite-free roasted turkey or ham, imported salami, brie, pate, fresh mozzarella, artisan cheese & marinated tomato.

$10 per person (includes sandwich, spring water and yogurt or chips)


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