Dec 152017

Bordeaux Trip April 2017

No More Over Thinking An Impromptu Get Togethers! A pleasurable spread... warm baguette, gooey /tangy cheese, olives, sliced ham, Marcona Almonds and Wine!

No More Over Thinking An Impromptu Get Together! A pleasurable spread… warm baguette, gooey /tangy cheese, olives, sliced ham, Marcona Almonds and Wine!

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Mar 162016

This rare cheese from Corsica is coated in wild scrubland herbs from this island. Rosemary, juniper and hot chills are also present. Semi-soft in texture with an ice-cream-like feel in the mouth, this delicate cheese has delicious milky flavors of fresh milk and subtle herbal notes.

Oct 282013

Tiered Tea Length Sleeveless Boat Neck A-line Flower Girl DressFamiliarize yourself with some delicious wines from Portugal. Here in the “New World” most of us don’t know what the indigenous grapes taste like or what they are similar to probably because the names are completely unrecognizable and hard to pronounce. However, Portugal has been and is producing not only very affordable wines but some very high end collectable wines. Lately the wine press has had a lot to say about the wines from Portugal with several producers scoring top marks for their offerings. Grab a bottle, pour a glass and find out for yourself…

Oct 112013

Arguably one of the greatest cheeses on earth, Comté is an unpasteurized cow’s milk cheese made deep in the Jura mountains that delivers complex flavors of nuts, browned butter, grass, toffee, and more. The Comté that we carry at the store is strictly from Marcel Petit, one of the greatest affineurs in the world. The best wheels of cheese are selected at cooperatives by Marcel and then aged in an old World War II bunker at Fort Saint Antoine. Come try the 10-15 month and experience a creamy, buttery, “utterly” pleasing cheese or try the 16-24 month that is loaded with crystals and delivers flavors of grilled almonds, browned butter, caramel and more…Single-layered Chapel Length Bridal Veil with Scattered Beaded Guipure Tulle Lace Applique Edge

Jan 172013

buy 2016 new cocktail dressesAs one of the most highly acclaimed vintages in decades, the 2010 wines from the Rhône valley are full of structure, fruit, complexity and substance. From base level Côtes-du-Rhône to village level wines like Cairanne, Lirac, Châteauneauf-du-Pape, etc. these wines are a shear pleasure to drink whether young or aged…

Jan 172013

shop black bridesmaid gownsHand harvested in a Nature Preserve: the Sierra of Mariola in Alicante, Spain. This extra Virgin olive oil is made from the famous arbequina olive which delivers a mild exquisite oil with green fruit aroma that is harmonious on the palate. Fruity in the mouth with flavors of apples, almonds and fresh herbs finishing with a little spice. A superb dipping oil or for drizzling on almost anything!

Jan 172013

2013-01-15_15-06-53_988Raclette, the famed cheese from the French and Swiss alps. This simple meal is an ancient tradition originating in this mountainous region where the cheese is heated in front of a fire and then scraped (racler) onto a plate with firm potatoes, cured ham, gherkin pickles and pickled onions. Pair this with a glass of Fendant wine from Switzerland, Jacquere or Rousette de Savoie white wine from Savoie and you have the makings for a superb meal…We currently stock all of the ingredients necessary for this delicious meal including the Raclette machines, unless of course you feel like heating the cheese in front of the wood fire!

Nov 182012

Limited edition Holiday beers are here with numerous rare arrivals. This year we are excited to offer some of our favorites including; Fantôme Hiver from Belgium whose recipe is slightly different every year, Page 24 Noël from northern France-delicious malty yet really smooth beer, and de Struise Brewers from Belgium-arguably one of the best brewers in the world. This beer is brewed with a secret concoction of spices and then barrel aged in oak casks. These are just a few of our holiday offerings with many new arrivals coming in weekly…

Oct 192012

Cider, Sidre, Cidre-we have a variety of styles and offerings ranging from light and crisp to full bodied and fruity and from slightly sweet to earthy and barnyardy. We feel that cider is a classic pairing with a lot of fall foods including poultry, nuts, and especially cheese. Pairing hard cider with blue cheese is a superb match as it is with cheddar and pungent aromatic cheeses such as Camembert, Pont-L’Évêsque, and Livarot from Normandy-France’s cidre capital. 

Sep 202012

With its small village center, the caliber of food available in Sare is unsurpassed. Several restaurants focus on strictly locally sourced freshwater fish, meat, and vegetables. Along with other famous Basque foods such as Irouléguy wine, Brebis cheese, Gateau Basque (pastry filled with local black cherry jam or custard, and of course Piment d’Espellete-the famous hot pepper of the region.


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