Dec 152017

Bordeaux Trip April 2017

No More Over Thinking An Impromptu Get Togethers! A pleasurable spread... warm baguette, gooey /tangy cheese, olives, sliced ham, Marcona Almonds and Wine!

No More Over Thinking An Impromptu Get Together! A pleasurable spread… warm baguette, gooey /tangy cheese, olives, sliced ham, Marcona Almonds and Wine!

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Mar 162016

This rare cheese from Corsica is coated in wild scrubland herbs from this island. Rosemary, juniper and hot chills are also present. Semi-soft in texture with an ice-cream-like feel in the mouth, this delicate cheese has delicious milky flavors of fresh milk and subtle herbal notes.

Dec 042012

Not sure what to get that lover of food and cooking this Holiday Season? We have a couple of different sized Paella pans, spoons and almost all of the ingredients. Put it all together including our own recipe that we developed after travelling through Spain several times, and you have the makings for an excellent gift. We will guide you through the process!

Nov 182012

Limited edition Holiday beers are here with numerous rare arrivals. This year we are excited to offer some of our favorites including; Fantôme Hiver from Belgium whose recipe is slightly different every year, Page 24 Noël from northern France-delicious malty yet really smooth beer, and de Struise Brewers from Belgium-arguably one of the best brewers in the world. This beer is brewed with a secret concoction of spices and then barrel aged in oak casks. These are just a few of our holiday offerings with many new arrivals coming in weekly…

Oct 312012

With the fall season in full swing so is the world of some of the best cheese offerings that our domestic and European producers offer. This week we received some really interesting cheese from Emilia-Romagna, Corsica, the Jura, Austria, and Spain.

Petit Pecurinu from Corsica, France

petit pecurinu cheeseThis “washed” cheese is constantly bathed in a salty brine and is made from sheep’s milk-(Corsica is noted for it’s sheep and goat’s milk cheeses). The key thing with many of this island’s cheese is that it packs a punch full of flavor. Dense, soft and supple this cheese has a sticky rind that is aromatic. Once you slice into this beauty, meaty flavors explode in the mouth with lanolin and a tangy sourness. This rare cheese is enjoyed best with a full bodied white wine.

L’Ulivo from Emilia-Romagna, Italy

LUlivo cheesePecorino L’Ulivo is a sheep’s milk cheese made in the same traditional manner as it has been since the 18th century. Aged for 2+ months in ancient caves then put into an earthenware pot for 30 days minimum that is stuffed with olive branches. The result is a dry piquant cheese with an assertive yet complex flavor and bite with present olive wood flavor coming through. Beyond the presentation, this cheese is truly exceptional from one of the greatest olive growing regions in the world. (Gold medal winner at the World cheese awards).


Oct 192012

Cider, Sidre, Cidre-we have a variety of styles and offerings ranging from light and crisp to full bodied and fruity and from slightly sweet to earthy and barnyardy. We feel that cider is a classic pairing with a lot of fall foods including poultry, nuts, and especially cheese. Pairing hard cider with blue cheese is a superb match as it is with cheddar and pungent aromatic cheeses such as Camembert, Pont-L’Évêsque, and Livarot from Normandy-France’s cidre capital. 

Sep 202012

With its small village center, the caliber of food available in Sare is unsurpassed. Several restaurants focus on strictly locally sourced freshwater fish, meat, and vegetables. Along with other famous Basque foods such as Irouléguy wine, Brebis cheese, Gateau Basque (pastry filled with local black cherry jam or custard, and of course Piment d’Espellete-the famous hot pepper of the region.

May 232012

A view from our hotel room in Bilbao, Spain… The typical quintessential external window and shutters with iron gate that is prevalent throughout Europe. This is a sight that instantly brings us back to the “Old World”.

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May 232012

Over a dozen different rosé’s this year are in the store and we are excited about every one of them. We have had the opportunity to taste some of these in tank in France and Spain this year before bottling. Whatever your taste is for these pink wines we have a wide range from Sparkling, bone dry, fruity, full bodied, light and refreshing etc.  And ranging from Spanish, French, German, and Italian…you might need more than one bottle! If you haven’t tasted a rosé before let us introduce you to the world of easy drinking warm weather wine that pairs with everything from grilled salmon, steak, and salad on the patio…

Sep 272011
Grand Trunk Import has a wide range of French and Spanish wines perfect for Fall

Some of our wine selection from France and Spain

Many of us think of drinking sparkling wine during the month of December for that special meal, cocktail parties, and to celebrate the New Year! As one of our favorite styles of wine, sparkling is something that we (and you) should enjoy any time of year for any occasion. This season we have numerous options from a couple of Proseccos from Northern Italy to rare Erbeluce from Piedmont and from grower Champagne (estate grown and bottled) to classic Cava from Penedes, Spain. However, we also like to travel outside of the well known areas and into Alsace, the Jura, Limoux, Campo de Borja, and more. Whatever you like, rest assured we have something that will satisfy your palate and budget.




As the cool winds of Fall send us scrambling for hearty, rich food – such as herb-roasted meats, root vegetable stews and truffle terrines – we search for the perfect wines to pair with them.  With the abundance of spice and flavor in these dishes, our palates crave bold wines.  Everyone has their favorite red, but we love those coming out of the Priorat/Monsant region of Spain.  Considered one of the greatest red wine producing regions, this small, beautiful spot, located just an hour west of Barcelona, bottles powerful, plush reds derived from Grenache (Garnaxta), Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Carinena and Merlot.

When it comes to white wine, pairings for seafood stews, bouillabaise, paella and chicken dishes, we prefer rich whites that have lots of white fruit flavors such as melon, pear, white peach and stone fruit.  Several of our favorite regions produce some sturdy wines that blend beautifully with these food pairings.  France’s Rhone Valley makes medium to full-bodied white winnes that are typically un-oaked, letting you taste the pure expression of the grapes, which can range from Grenache Blanc, Marsanne and Rousanne to Bourbelanc, Ugni Blanc, Viognier and beyond.  A little further south, on the coast of the Mediterranean, the famous apellation of Bandol, noted for its reds, also makes some outstanding white wines, often with similar blends as above.  Mouthwatering, rich , smooth and complex, Bandol Blanc can be a mind-blowing wine.

Further north in the Loire Valley, an area abundant with produce, mushrooms and lots of meat dishes, the Chenin Blanc grape is transformed into everything from bone-dry to barrel-aged and buttery, and off-dry to sweet dessert-style wines.  When we sit down and have lobster or any mushroom dish, we instantly think of barrel-aged Chenin Blanc from the Loire Valley that is aged in oak, but not overdone, prducing full-bodied wine with flavors of butter and nuts with melon and citrus flavors lingering in the background.  These wines tend to have real length on the palate and are a pleasure to sip.

So now that the sun sets sooner, dust off those cookbooks and un-cork one of these memorable wines.


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