Oct 112013

Arguably one of the greatest cheeses on earth, Comté is an unpasteurized cow’s milk cheese made deep in the Jura mountains that delivers complex flavors of nuts, browned butter, grass, toffee, and more. The Comté that we carry at the store is strictly from Marcel Petit, one of the greatest affineurs in the world. The best wheels of cheese are selected at cooperatives by Marcel and then aged in an old World War II bunker at Fort Saint Antoine. Come try the 10-15 month and experience a creamy, buttery, “utterly” pleasing cheese or try the 16-24 month that is loaded with crystals and delivers flavors of grilled almonds, browned butter, caramel and more…Single-layered Chapel Length Bridal Veil with Scattered Beaded Guipure Tulle Lace Applique Edge

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